Merit Gold Review

  • I have been buying gold and silver for the past few years from other gold and silver companies on the web. About two months ago I signed on to Merits web site to price out their products, when it promoted me with a form to enter my info. The very next day I received a call from a financial adviser at Merit. First thing that came to mind was, "Oh no another sales pitch" and didn't want to hear it. Luckily somehow he let me talk and he listened for a long time to my crazy theories about the precious metal markets. After about an hour and a half not only did he convince me that he knows his stuff well, he also understood my goals. Needless to say I already placed my fourth order with him.

  • My account rep handled my transaction efficiently and without a hitch. He was amiable and easy to work with... Comparing prices, Merit was the least expensive of the six major companies I was in touch with.

  • I have done a handful of transactions with Merit Financial in the last couple months, and I must say I really couldn't have felt more comfortable. They did what they said they would, and did it very very well.

  • My wife and I were new to the metal buying market and saw a review on this site recommending an account rep, so we called for some information. He returned my call promptly and went over the details of purchasing gold and silver. He also sent us brochures explaining the process of ordering and the different products available. He called back and explained the process to my wife also. We placed an order and he emailed us with the details. We received the order in the time frame he indicated and it was a very smooth transaction.

  • Fast shipping with Silver Bar in Gem-Mint condition. My senior Account Representative was Phillip Koonce Phone: (800) 564-8189 Ext. 379 and his service and explanation of procedure was superb. This was my first time ordering from Merit G&S. I ordered a 100 troy ounce silver bar. I paid by personal check and the check cleared my bank on 12/18/2013. It arrived exactly as stated on their website (12 business days excluding weekends and holidays) and USPS Registered Mail and double boxed with great cushioning. The Johnson Matthey 100 troy ounce silver bar was in Gem Mint condition. I got it at the lowest price compared to APMEX and MCM(R) and there was no catch. I have placed the bar in secure storage. I give Phillip Koonce Five Stars for his taking the time to explain everything about Merit G&S and I also give Five Stars to Merit G&S for the open disclosure about investment risk AND how they sell and buy. I do highly recommend Merit G&S to anyone considering them. Phillip Koonce is 100% trustworthy based upon my experience.
  • If you are looking to make a gold and or silver purchase, I would highly recommend Charlie Chartoff at Merit. He's very insightful and knows the market. I've found his guidance to be very sound. I made my first "substantial" metal purchase with him, followed by a second "substantial" acquisition. I anticipate a third and all future purchases thru him. He's that good!
  • 5 star experience. After contacting Merit, Tim Talley was very helpful in explaining the different option about products, I have worked with high pressure salesman in the past and this experience has brought me back to Merit and will bring me back for future purchases.