Brilliant Uncirculated 1/4 OZ Gold Britannia

Brilliant Uncirculated 1/4 OZ Gold Britannia

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For more than a millennium, the British Royal Mint has produced some of the finest and most coveted gold coins in the world. The latest release in the mint’s distinguished line of legal tender coins is the 2014 Brilliant Uncirculated 1/4 OZ gold Britannia, produced for the first time in history. Minted in 99.99% pure gold, the new 2014 quarter-ounce Britannia combines the history and splendor of the classic 1 OZ coin with the convenience of a fractional gold piece.

With limited production planned, this coin is bound to become a must-have for collectors and investors alike.

The 1/4 OZ Gold Britannia shares the same iconic design used for the larger 1 OZ gold and silver coins. It bears the bust of Queen Elizabeth on its obverse. Its reverse is adorned with sculptor Philip Nathan’s image of a standing Britannia, trident and shield in hand, with her hair and gown flowing behind her in the ocean breeze. Her helmet pays homage to her Roman origins, and the olive branch clenched in her hand symbolizes her quest for peace. In her elegance and strength, she is the symbol and personification of Great Britain.

As they meet the lofty fineness and production standards of the British Royal Mint, these coins have been pre-approved for IRA investment.

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  • 1/4 Troy Ounce (7.7758g)
  • 1/4 Troy Ounce (7.7758g)
  • .9999 Fine Gold
  • 2014