Merit at a Glance

Merit at a Glance

Since 1986, we’ve helped nearly a quarter million Americans considering physical precious metals investments. The gold industry has gone through many changes over the years. Companies have come and gone, prices have risen and fallen, and through it all Merit has remained a strong partner for people looking to get the most out of their bullion and coin investments. Though there are a lot of options out there for precious metals buyers, it’s our goal to make the choice simple and clear.

Our mission is to provide the best value and service available to our clients. For over 27 years, we have led the industry in aggressive and transparent pricing. We pride ourselves in producing insightful and sensible market commentary and we maintain some of the highest buy-back prices available.

We are proud to have maintained an AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance, which we think reflects our commitment to providing an excellent customer experience. All these factors come together to provide our clients confidence in their investments, which is what it’s all about.

  • Merit Financial became simply "Merit", QE3 was launched pulling gold prices out of the summer doldrums and prompting analysts to raise their gold price forecasts

  • 2011

    Merit Financial opened a new flagship office in Santa Monica, nearly doubling sales and processing capacity, gold reached a new all-time high over $1900 per ounce as the debt ceiling debate raged in Washington

  • Merit Financial opened a second office in Encino, CA, Fed announces "QE2" and gold skyrockets

  • 2009

    Merit Financial significnatly expanded its trading floor, more than doubling year over year sales for the third consecutive year

  • The financial and mortgage crisis ravaged global markets and gold set a new all-time high over $1000 per ounce, Fed market intervention began with first round of bond purchases (QE1)

  • 2006

    Gold prices top $700 per ounce, setting new 25 year highs

  • Gold slowly began to move upward, signaling the very early stages of a decade long bull market

  • 1999

    Gold demand picked up significantly on fears that Y2K computer glitches could threaten financial institutions

  • Merit Financial Services was started as a retail subsidiary of Seacoast

  • 1989

    Many rare coins set record prices as Wall Street firms move into the market

  • Merit's parent company Seacoast Coin was founded by Peter Epstein